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Emergenetics Top Independent Sales Leader (Asia-Pacific 2014 Award Winner)
Human capital development demands the building of strong teams and also improvement in professional competencies. We acknowledge this need and are pleased to introduce our suite of soft skills training modules to close this learning gap.

Each of our following training modules has been specifically designed to effectively transfer tacit knowledge into positive behaviours. With purposeful Training Needs Analysis that can be conducted before every session, we are also able to alter our programmes to better meet your specific business needs and objectives.

Using a content-focused approach, our team learning workshops aim to impart relevant skills to employees in an ever-demanding workplace. These programmes help employees improve their communication, leadership, team management skills and/or expected corporate behaviours that can elevate them to the next level. Backed by validated research and successful case studies, the following programmes are already making waves in the corporate arena.

Here is a list of all our Team Learning Workshops.


The STARt Reverse Customer Experience Programme

Why Do Customers Love Some Brands And Dislike Others?

For years we have studied and worked with Experience game changers such as adidas, Starbucks, LUSH, Nespresso, citizenM Hotels, Mazda, Apple, Tommy Hilfiger, KLM, Tesla, Le Pain Quotidien, and many more. These companies all deliver consistently memorable customer experiences, which turn their customers into active promoters, rabid fans, and free, willing ambassadors. In a world that is becoming more and more digital, and where reviews and social media determine our buying behaviour, customer experience is the battlefield.


It’s no longer about customer satisfaction alone. It’s beyond that.

Think about it.

Why do you pay 6 Singapore dollars for a cup of Starbucks coffee when the neighbourhood coffeeshop is selling something similar for 1/6 of that price?

Why are Apple fanatics often willing to pay a significant premium for Apple products?

Looking at the experience these brands build in a very consistent manner, you could say their people are true Experience STARs:
Surprising, Touching, Assisting and Recognising.

Aided by the Reverse philosophy and business concept, the STARt Reverse programme re-engineers your organisation’s understanding of customer experience and transforms the participants into internal advocates by turning them into STARs!

By the end of the programme, participants would be able appreciate the importance of customer experience and the tremendous impact it has on the bottom-line!

Done in an engaging, interactive and facilitative manner, this programme enables contextual learning to be brought to life and where the participants would be positively energised!

So...would your organisation like to learn how you can create world-class customer experiences like Apple and Starbucks?

To know about Reverse, please watch this video:


“As a global player in the hospitality branch at airports, it’s all about the guests. (The programme) helps us with the training development and materials to transform our organisation from process thinking to guest experience. With the empowerment of our staff and putting the guest at number one, we emphasise our slogan 'Feeling Good on the Move’.”

Christianne de Jong
Director HR
HMSHost International

  • Orange Frog Happiness Workshop
  • Orange Frog Happiness Workshop

Orange Frog Book coverThe Happiness Advantage| Orange Frog Workshop


Workplace happiness is a real science and technique that can help your organisation enjoy:

- 37% Increase In Sales
- 3X More Creativity
- 31% Improvement In Productivity
- 10X More Engaged Employees
- 23% Fewer Work Fatigue Symptoms
(Harvard Business Review, 2012)

Would You Be Interested To Know How You Can Embed All These Organisational Improvements....With The Same Employee Workforce And Resources?

Would You Like To Learn How Huge Organisations Like Sanofi-Aventis and Nationwide Insurance Have Embraced The Concepts Taught In This Workshop That Gave Them A Significant Business Advantage Over Their Competitors?

The Orange Frog workshop is based on the works of Shawn Achor – one of the world’s leading experts on the connection between happiness and success and the author of New York Times best-selling books ‘The Happiness Advantage’ and ‘Before Happiness’; as well as the immensely popular business parable ‘The Orange Frog’.

This programme provides a blueprint for increasing employee engagement and tapping into people’s intrinsic motivations.

Using the story of an orange frog named Spark as a backdrop, participants explore their own workplace and identify similar pressures, similar characters and similar threats. They are then challenged to develop habits and strategies to resolve these pressures, allowing them to follow Spark’s journey and create strategies to ripple positive results throughout their teams and departments.

By the end of the workshop, participants will learn to:

  1. INCREASE Individual Positivity (Self Leadership) - Begin a personal transformation towards a more positive mindset and more productive and adaptable work life
  2. SUSTAIN Team Happiness and Adaptability (Team Leadership) - Make happiness an integral part of the work environment by embedding specific practices into existing work routines
  3. INCREASE Happiness and Engagement Across the Organisation (Culture Shaping) - Promote happiness and engagement by learning to identify and amplify critical social scripts and connect positive engagement to positive business results

“Orange Frog made me understand the importance of leading from the front. As an organisational leader and Learning & Development professional, my tendency is to focus on what I can do to lead change in T-Mobile. One of the “aha’s” I walked away with from the workshop was that I need to lead by example first, and T-Mobile will change later as a result.”

Jenn Falkenberg
Director of Learning & Development

  • Happy Companies, Healthy Profits
  • Happy Companies, Healthy Profits

Happy Companies, Healthy ProfitsHappy Companies, Healthy Profits – The Training Programme

Government Grant Available


Adapted from the book of the same title, this is an experiential workshop that enables you to discover how you can use science to increase your personal and organisational productivity. Based upon positive psychology, a branch of psychology that emphasises the use of a scientific method to study and determine positive human development, Happy Companies, Healthy Profits is a transformative programme that redefines your understanding of work and people management.

If you often harbour the notion that work is but a mundane mean to a financial end, this workshop would undoubtedly change your mind.

If you are currently experiencing “difficult” co-workers or bosses, you will see a positively different light at the end of your tunnel.

And if you are weighed down by significant disengagement in your team at work, you will learn a truckload of engagement practices and techniques that can raise morale, improve relationships and of course, increase productivity.

What you will be experiencing is not merely a workshop, but the learning and application of scientifically proven, tried-and-tested people strategies that top companies have been using to keep their employees engaged, energetic and dynamic. Moreover, you will unearth a treasure trove of personal development skills that you can use to well...enjoy your work more and not spend the bulk of your time watching the hours go by. With fresh approaches to nip organisational negativity in the bud, happiness at work is not a myth but a very real possibility.

"It has been said, “If you love your job, you do not have to work for the rest of your life.” For many of us, work is a necessity, we work to live. Happiness at work seemed like an oxymoron, a concept as far fetch as making an elephant fly....With the PerMap™ (a framework taken from Happy Companies, Healthy Profits), comprising six simple and practical strategies...one can find happiness at work as an individual as well as a leader motivating his/her colleagues and co-workers to higher levels of performance.”

Mr Lee Yuen Hee
Chief Executive Officer
Transit Link Pte Ltd

  • Effective Presentations with NLP
  • Effective Presentations with NLP

Effective Presentations with NLP


The Public Speaking Programme that Transforms Your Executives into Competent Presenters

The fear of speaking in front of an audience is often cited as one of our worst phobias but many of these fears are irrational. Public speaking is easily one of them and, like most fears, it can eradicated with the correct know-how and discipline.

Effective Presentations with NLP is based on the science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), where participants will be able to gain speaking confidence through techniques like reframing, visualisation and anchoring.

They will also be taught on the proper use of The Speech Structure, The Three ‘V’s, Small Group Presenting Tips and even how to present effectively without a computer!

This 2-day programme includes a pre- and post-video recording of the participants’ presentations so that your training KPI can be immediately and qualitatively measured!

This intensive session seeks to help executives overcome the common reluctance of making a presentation and turn them into better communicators, so that promotions can be ensured and clients can be impressed.

“Thank you Right Impact for transforming me into an excellent public speaker.”

Federico Donato
CEO, FFA Asia Pte Ltd
President, Italian Chamber of Commerce Singapore

  • Emergenetics
  • Emergenetics
  • Emergenetics

Teaming Up! With Emergenetics

Emergenetics is a multi-faceted tool for understanding human behaviour and the unique differences in the way people approach work and life. Emergenetics combines sophisticated left-brain/right-brain analysis with behavioural tendencies, resulting in a clear, defined perspective on personality unlike any other. With Emergenetics, you get a colour-coded, easy-to-understand window into who a person truly is. It is the combination of genetics and experiences that intertwine to form recognisable patterns that can be used to improve communication and productivity.

Mobile App Enabled

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"Emergenetics is not just a workshop…it helps people understand themselves and their colleagues better…it is done in a friendly way such that people are actually able to learn as they enjoy themselves, which is the most effective way of learning…I would strongly recommend companies and organisations to try it because the working relationships and communication amongst staff members would improve."

Prof. Chin Jing Jih
President of the Executive Council
Singapore Medical Association

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  • DiSC
  • DiSC
  • DiSC

Teaming Up! With


DiSC is a four-quadrant behavioural model based on the work of Dr. William Marston to examine the behaviour of individuals in their environment or within a specific situation. Since its creation in 1928, DiSC has gone on to become a classic personality-profiling tool due to its practicality and easy understanding. Participants will be able to enhance and improve their workplace relationships using knowledge gained from human behavioural differences.

In this experiential workshop, participants would not only have the opportunity to uncover their preferred behavioural style(s) at the workplace, they would also partake in pair and group discussions, and learning activities that can bring the DiSC traits to life.

“Thank you to the Right Impact team. The use of experiential learning to create a powerful experience for the participants is really a success. The participants understand the different personality traits through the DISC profiling. Activities bonded the participants and let them know the importance of a shared vision, overcoming the resistance in change and mutual trust among team members. Thanks again for the professionalism and the commitment to the programme.”

Serene Ong
Human Resource Executive
Changi General Hospital

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  • MBTI
  • MBTI
  • MBTI

Teaming Up! With MBTI


One of the world’s most popular, accurate and reliable personality type assessments, the MBTI was originally created in 1962, to help people make better career matches and appreciate human differences. Today, we apply the MBTI in corporate environments for the purpose of helping employees prevent and resolve workplace conflicts, build productive relationships and draw out their potential in achieving their best at work.

From highly participative type exercises to indoor or even outdoor team challenges, participants would have the opportunity to answer the self-scorable MBTI questionnaire and be encouraged to apply their learning under mild stress levels. As the saying goes, our true selves would often surface when under pressure. So let’s see the type characteristics being played out and the intricate lessons that we can learn here.

"The (MBTI) workshop was very insightful. It provided an opportunity to obtain a better understanding of one’s personality. More importantly, it gave an overview of the group’s personalities. This will be instrumental on how we move the organisation forward."

Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) Centre

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