Learn strategic thinking through gamification!
This is a highly experiential workshop that “TEACHES” through simulation!

What makes a great strategy? – It’s about balancing the complexities around delivering results, limited resources, evolving markets, challenging competition, taking the right opportunities and managing risks.

The Allocate Strategic Thinking Simulation puts all these into play in a team-based competitive environment.

Teams challenge against each other to secure contracts and manage finite resources while attempting to reach revenue targets.

The 1 – 2-day programme includes:

  1. Simulated real-world business scenarios – to effectively analyse external environments, drive performance, engage stakeholders, respond to competitors, plan and provide strategic direction.
  2. Teamwork as participants have to be accountable team members and contribute towards
    revenue on top of handling various scenarios.
  3. Several activity rounds called Quarters for 1 year (4 Quarters).
  4. Team feedback and discussion session.
  5. Interactive gameboards for each team.
  6. Allocate booklets and toolkits for each participant.

This is an intensive, highly immersive programme that seeks to help participants understand and adapt both rational and emergent strategy, and implement strategy from a strength-based perspective. It also helps to develop the participants’ ability to capitalise on aligned opportunities, and adjust their action plans when change occurs.

You will be amazed at the various ‘A-Ha!’ moments this programme creates that leaves participants wondering whether they know what strategic thinking is in the first place.

With immediate application based on Liedtka’s Strategic Thinking Theory, the SOAR Analysis, Critical Action Plan and Risk Management Analysis tool, this is team learning at the next level.

Welcome to Allocate

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