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From Physical to a Hybrid Work Model: How can we Make this Transition Seamless?

July 11, 2022|

During the pandemic, companies learned that a business could be done remotely without compromising the quality of the outcome. Leaders who were receptive to change and provided flexibility to their employees during that uncertainty period came out as winners. With the benefits of remote work becoming evident, the perception of ...

5 Practical Tips to Build and Manage Hybrid Teams Effectively

June 13, 2022|

One thing that has become more evident over the past year is that a hybrid work environment is here to stay. According to JLL's report, more than 65% of office workers globally are looking forward to operating in a hybrid environment after the pandemic. However, while a hybrid model provides ...

5 Mental Health Improvement Tips For The Working Professional

April 15, 2022|

In the Asian context, for too long have we been taught to put our careers before our health. And this has left many of us stressed and burned out. China’s 996 work culture which has been recently denounced by the Chinese government, and Singapore’s unenviable rise to the top ...

5 Things to Stop Doing If You Want To Be Happy At Work

April 2, 2022|

How happy are you at work? Let’s put it on a scale of 1 to 5. 1 being extremely unhappy and 5 being very happy. Do you feel down whenever the weekend is over, or you can’t wait to get back to doing what you enjoy doing professionally? Well, you ...

4 Quick Tips For Managing Your Remote Team

March 17, 2021|

The Covid-19 vaccine is here, finally! After a long year of working remotely, it’s time to get back to the office. Not so fast, though (quite a bummer). According to a Gartner survey, 90% of companies will let their employees work remotely, even after the vaccinations. Where does this ...

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