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Gamification – The Next Leap in Virtual Learning

August 20, 2020|

So how long has it been since societal lockdowns began and virtual “everything” became the new norm? 6 months? We at Right Impact have, of course, not been spared from the need to pivot and re-innovate. Currently, all our learning solutions are entirely virtual. However, though relatively short, it ...

3 Simple Tips To Improve Your Next Virtual Team Meeting

May 1, 2020|

"See you guys next week for our team meeting on Zoom." I wonder how many times a statement like this was made in the past month or so. In fact, how many virtual meetings have you been involved so far? Did you enjoy the experience? :) With remote work ...

What’s In A Game? – Gamification & Work

March 9, 2020|

The drop in business activity due to the COVID-19 outbreak has been nothing but challenging - A first for our relatively young company. But instead of adopting a herd mentality and mandate unpaid leave, our team "warriors" diverted most of our working time and energy into product development. To ...

JFK And The Power Of A Compelling Vision

October 7, 2019|

It's that time of the year again - When leaders huddle and begin their workplans for the next fiscal year and beyond. So, in a bid to inspire any people leader reading this, allow me to share with you a short story about JFK and the unexpected effects of ...

Is HR Still Relevant In The Digital Age?

August 20, 2019|

A recruiter named Mya, performs all her required job tasks with utmost efficiency and discipline. From searching for resumes on job sites, shortlisting potential candidates, and even holding video and phone interviews, Mya seemingly does the work of two to three employees. Fun fact? She’s not human. Mya is ...

Building High Quality Connection At Work

June 2, 2019|

The Secret To Cultivating Positive Workplace Relationships One of the keys to transforming workplace relationships for the better is to build and sustain High Quality Connections (HQC) – a highly practicable concept that was born out of the research spearheaded by Professor Jane E. Dutton of the Ross School ...

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