1. Digital New Hire Orientation Solution

According to a study done by the Aberdeen Group, when a new employee experiences a positive and engaging onboarding process, they’re 69% more likely to stay with the organisation for at least three years. But as much as HR agrees with this statistic, an effective onboarding/orientation programme can be tedious and tiring.

  • Managing the schedules of stakeholders and their presentations
  • Managing the schedule of the new hires and their superiors
  • Booking multiple venues for multiple uses
  • Managing a tight budget for this annual/quarterly exercise
  • Organising a programme that can accommodate employees from different offices

And the list goes on…

But what if there is a better, more affordable and efficient way to onboard your new hires every time? We are now able to build all your new hire orientation modules into a single mobile app that solves the above problems and offers these benefits:

2. Digital Learning & Development Solution

  • Is Employee Training Costly To Your Organisation?
  • Have You Ever Wondered How You Can Upskill Your Employees Without Pulling Them Into A Classroom?
  • Wouldn’t It Be Great If You Can Train Your Employees No Matter Where They Are?
  • If your answers to these questions are “YES”, “YES” and “YES”, then we might have the solution for you!
  • With our digital, mobile, and “gamifi-able” learning solution, you can drastically cut down on your training costs by migrating all your employee learning curriculum onto a mobile app.

Here are the benefits that your organisation would enjoy:

  1. Your employees can learn at their own pace without interrupting them with a full-day training workshop that takes them away from their work!
  2. Because of its digital and mobile nature, it doesn’t matter where your employees are located – You can finally upskill your workforce at scale!
  3. With a gamified design, your curriculum would not be presented as boring text akin to university lecture notes, but in the form of videos, images, quizzes and even group-based interactive challenges!
  4. The app is super flexible! You can either give us your current content and we’ll adapt it to the app platform, OR you can sit back, relax and let us do the instructional design from scratch for you!
  5. We can even create a digital skin for you so that your curriculum is “branded” in line with your organization!
  6. This can even be augmented as a post-workshop “follow-up”after a conventional training session so as to improve the transfer of learning!
  7. Oh…and did we mention that you’ll save tons of your annual training budget on “one-off” training programmes?