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Emergenetics Asia-Pacific Associate Award for Independent Sales Leader (Gold Award 2016)
Effective team/organisation development requires more than simply a day’s training. For long-term change to take place, an organisation must commit to a longer timeframe to bring out the best in its people. Being solution-focused, Right Impact’s team of experienced consultants can diagnose and prescribe change management strategies and implementation methods to meet different organisational objectives. Be it a review of core values or an internal rebranding exercise, we have the necessary expertise to make a positive difference in any organisation and its people.

Here is a list of all our Team Development Solutions:

  • Happy Companies, Healthy Profits
  • Happy Companies, Healthy Profits
  • Happy Companies, Healthy Profits

Happy Companies, Healthy Profits


For a long while, workplace happiness has been considered taboo in organisations, and especially so in the Asian context. But the latest research in employee engagement and organisation culture has been steadily telling us a positively different story. The rise of the Millennial workforce coupled with rapid globalisation amidst shorter business cycles have shown us that workplace happiness matters, and which can reap very tangible bottom-line results.

This definitive programme is able to generate sustainable upward spiraling in your organisation’s employee retention and engagement rates, productivity and profitability.

The Outcome:

Happy Companies, Healthy Profits
Source: Harvard Business Review

This programme includes a pre- and post-programme Workplace Happiness Survey. Also known as the “Engagement Plus” survey because it measures psychological factors beyond the traditional work engagement model, the Workplace Happiness Survey captures intrinsic motivation and psychological capital information of an organisation and its teams.

Co-owned by Right Impact and the Align Group, this survey was actually launched at the national level in 2014 and promoted by key partners such as NTUC and the Health Promotion Board. Thus, external benchmarking is made possible with a sample size of over 5000 data points and counting. In addition, internal benchmarking can be generated to pinpoint specific opportunities and threats to what truly makes or breaks your employees’ workplace happiness levels.

Factors measured include:

  1. Satisfaction element – Hygiene factors of work, basic needs and expectations of employees
  2. Alignment element – Social elements of work, broadly known as work capital
  3. Engagement element – Affective work involvement (How much an employee enjoys the work he/she does)
  4. Well-being – Employees’ psychological capital (hope, optimism, resilience, self-efficacy) and psychological alignment with the job they do

  • process facilitation
  • process facilitation
  • process facilitation
process facilitation conversations

From generating a vision or mission statement to building consensus in a group brainstorming session, Right Impact has the essential expertise to facilitate group meetings to achieve your desired outcomes. Facilitation is the use of group process methodologies to arrive at a meaningful outcome.

Such processes are helpful in ensuring meetings and workshops are organised, well-managed, objective-centred and productive, especially when meetings involve many parties and stakeholders; and where neutrality or impartiality by a professional facilitator is much appreciated.

Right Impact's skilled professional facilitators have the expertise and experience to offer professional facilitation for the following:

  • Generating a corporate vision or mission statement
  • Defining the values of your organisation
  • Focus group discussion and consolidation of findings
  • Strategic planning for long or short-term action
  • Workplan review and action planning
  • Brainstorming for a service or product
  • Consensus-building among stakeholders for key decision-making

  • Values In Action
  • Values In Action

Core values are what support the vision, shape the culture and reflect what the organisation values.  They are the essence of an organisation’s identity – the principles, beliefs or philosophy of what it stands for. Many organisations focus mostly on the technical competencies but often forget what the underlying competencies are that make their organisations run smoothly — core values. Through engagement surveys, experiential training, performance management interventions, employee communication strategies etc., our Values In Action programme seeks to help your organisation turn seemingly stagnant corporate values into life by working with your stakeholders to teach your people your values through various processes.

If you would like to educate your employees accurately and effectively about the organisation’s values and transform corporate values into tangible behaviours, please contact us now as we will work with you on a customised approach to achieve your unique engagement goals.

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