Our in-person team building programmes are designed using a progressive and highly interactive approach to adult learning and development. Therefore the adventure and experiential learning approach aims to take the participants on an educative journey, building awareness as well as cultivating high performance team behaviours and practices. The experience would be highly facilitative, interactive and reflective.

STACK ‘EM UP – Indoor Activity Series

A deceivingly simple activity can indeed be harder than it seems. To foster teamwork and empower team members, leadership and effective communication are critical. But when our goal is temporarily blocked, and that we can only place our trust in each other and our appointed leaders, can we still succeed as a team? Let’s discover more in this engaging exercise that exhibits the notion that situational leadership aids talent development.

WARP SPEED – Indoor Activity Series

Continuous improvement demands mindset changes. With ingrained mindsets that may jeopardise team success, here let us investigate how we can make quantum leaps consistently so that we will always be ahead of the curve. Passing a ball would not be that simple. As the bar gets raised, will our spirits go in reverse? Or can we set and meet higher goals?

LOST! – Indoor Activity Series

Lost! is a team survival activity that is designed to provide a team with the experience of working together under pressure. With the clock ticking, participants would be put through grilling scenarios where there is a shortage of time and resources and the all decisions made have important consequences.

Set on a deserted island, Lost! also looks at how individuals in a team interact during decision-making. Although a team may not encounter life and death situations like being stranded on an island, there will be times when it must make important or critical decisions, when the time frame is too short and the available resources are inadequate.

HELIUM HOOP – Indoor Activity Series

A quest for innovation and an investigation of innate team behaviours that may hinder a team’s performance. Discover how you can overcome ingrained mindsets to achieve a seemingly simple objective through creativity.

THE MASTERPIECE – Indoor Activity Series

What if a saboteur exists in your team? Would you believe that this person exists? Here, we examine our seemingly natural tendency to distrust others by creating an opportunity for a “masterpiece” to be created by the team. What happens when doubt creeps into a team? Let’s find out in this revealing challenge that teaches us a message about trust.

BLINDFOLD SHAPES – Indoor Activity Series

‘Planning’ and ‘strategy’ have been clichéd terms in any organisation for too long. Let us see how a team plans and execute a simulated project in the face of overwhelming odds and stringent boundaries.

FLIPPED! – Indoor Activity Series

Is teamwork all about an individual doing more for the benefit of the team? Teamwork will be redefined as we put this age-old concept to the test. Small efforts, big results! Flipping a mat over is harder than it sounds.

MINEFIELD! – Indoor Activity Series

In this fun and interesting activity, teams are required to test their knowledge of effective communication. In the midst of ‘chaos’, we will discover whether a team can continue to allow a seamless transfer of information or will havoc ensue.

NUCLEAR WASTE – Indoor Activity Series

This exercise demands a team to make efficient use of given resources to meet a specific objective. Even if resources are limited and tight, just like the real world, can a team still achieve what they set out to accomplish?

NUMBER PUNCH – Indoor Activity Series

Adapting from Dr. Spencer Johnson’s bestselling book “Who Moved My Cheese?” we take a closer look in this activity at our almost default nature to resist change and how we can overcome this mindset to achieve better team results.

ALPHA CONNECT – Indoor Activity Series

Patience is a virtue but do team members show such patience and mutual understanding when working together? Here, teams are required to race from A to Z but speed in this challenge will only be an obstacle.

SNAP! – Indoor Activity Series

The essence of the epitome of teamwork is trust. In this activity, team members will be introduced to real mousetraps which will serve as a representation of their fears. As with all of our fears, they are mere figments of our unnecessary imagination. Team members will conquer these ‘fears’ as a team as they leverage on each other for encouragement and support.

DIAMOND VISION – Indoor Activity Series

Building towards a shared vision is every employee’s responsibility. In Part 1, let us witness the consequences to a “shared vision”, in the form of a 3-D structure, due a single team member’s “misalignment”. Every member contributes in a unique manner that may seem insignificant, but without even the smallest of contribution, the final goal may be compromised.

In Part 2 of the challenge, we shall investigate the nuances of Integrity. Through the simple act of passing members through a constructed structure, we can tell whether a team chooses to succeed regardless of strict “policies”, or decides to uphold integrity and honesty whilst meeting their objectives.


1 marshmallow. 20 spaghetti sticks. 1 metre of sticky tape. These are all you have to build the tallest tower! The Marshmallow Challenge is a remarkably fun team innovation activity that encourages teams to experience simple but profound lessons in collaboration and creativity. Surprising lessons emerge when you compare teams’ performance in their attempt to build the tallest tower with the marshmallow at its peak.

THE TRANSPORTER – Indoor Activity Series

Competition – an often-quoted mechanism that drives an organisation towards success and achievement. In this challenge, teams are required to maximise gain by leading blindfolded members to empty their home bases of negative points while avoiding obstacles to obtain positive ones. Chaos may erupt. A cacophony of shouts and screams may ensue. Competition may eventuate. With limited time and an almost innate need for retaliation, will the teams see the bigger picture?

MOHAWK WALK – Outdoor Activity Series

The Mohawk Walk demands trust and coordination as teams have to traverse a series of metal cables that are suspended about 3 feet off the ground in order to meet a strict time objective. As our environments become more challenging, can we still work with one another or simply for ourselves?

SPIDERS’ WEB – Outdoor Activity Series

Perhaps, professionalism is the most difficult value to enforce in any organization, but what does it really mean to be professional? Let us investigate professionalism at work as teams are put through their paces in this unique challenge. Through the simple act of passing members through a “spider web”, we can tell whether a team chooses to succeed regardless of strict “policies”, or decides to uphold integrity and honesty whilst meeting their objectives.

WHALE WATCH – Outdoor Activity Series

For a team to function optimally, it needs to be “balanced”. This “balancing” act involves the team having to keep a giant see-saw balanced for a stipulated amount of time. Can team members be mutually accountable for their own actions? What makes a great team and a great leader? This deceivingly simple task has the answers.

LOW WALL – Outdoor Activity Series

The impossible we do straight away. Miracles take a little longer. Using a ‘low’ wall that measures up to 5m in height, this wall represents the obstacles that teams face in the real world. All team members must overcome it with the support of everyone.

TEAM CHALLENGE PYRAMID – Outdoor Activity Series

Imagine a single experiential team challenge that can allow a team to exhibit all the facets of teamwork – mutual trust, interpersonal communication, leadership etc. The Team Challenge Pyramid would be it. Towering at 25m, teams must overcome 14 mid-air obstacles on this gargantuan structure as they scale it in a spiral fashion, while being strapped together as a tight unit. As a fitting finale, participants would descend this pyramid via a 200m zipline one at a time.

TEAM SKIS- Outdoor Activity Series

In this activity, participants will be split into groups of 4-7 members and will be required to walk through a “minefield” on giant skis while seeking to meet the ultimate objective. Let us see whether these teams are able to combat counter-productive mental models and here is where the definition of teamwork shall be redefined.

COFFEE TRADERS – Themed Activity Series

The business of coffee trading requires excellent market intelligence, and the ability to respond quickly and effectively to ever-changing consumer trends. Coffee Traders is a dynamic and highly thought-provoking activity based on coffee trading that will stimulate minds and bring about fresh ideas and approaches to business. This novel challenge calls upon teams to work together and resolve unforeseen obstacles with their negotiation skills, strategy planning and risk management! This is an excellent vehicle for building real commitment to customer focus.

Beans bartered and exchanged across trading posts and mutually beneficial relationships are built or destroyed on the loyalty of each team. Only the team with the highest wealth accumulated will win! Let the trading begin…

PROJECT STREAMLINE – Themed Activity Series

In his monumental book, The Fifth Discipline, author and management guru, Peter Senge, espoused the group problem-solving concept and practice of systems thinking to convert companies into learning organisations.

Essentially, Senge’s management strategies encourage companies to see themselves as a system, or as part of a system, where its constituent parts interrelate and interact with each other, which results in positive or undesirable employee behaviours.

THE TEAM MURAL – Themed Activity Series

Have you seen the Mona Lisa? What if an entire team can be inspired to create an artistic masterpiece that is befitting of their spirit and culture? In this challenge, everyone will be split into smaller teams. Each group will then be responsible for a specific ‘zone’ of a giant team mural that is pre-designed for the client.

Ultimately, the participants will be required to paint and decorate their ‘mural parts’ with little knowledge that these segments make up a bigger whole. Other surprises await that help create a dynamic, boisterous atmosphere where teams are required to move about relentlessly and interact with other teams. Such a setup encourages teamwork across departments and urges the teams to negotiate with each other through open and timely communication.

ROLLERCOASTER MANIA! – Themed Activity Series

Here, teams are given raw materials to construct a rollercoaster each. All rollercoasters will have to be built according to strict specifications and will be approximately 2m x 1m each in size. The completed rollercoasters will have to be ‘tested’ at the end with a surprise finale that is fitting of this massive exercise. This interactive and engaging activity requires teamwork, an acceptance of ideas and brainstorming.

THE DOMINO EFFECT – Themed Activity Series

In this challenge, teams would be required to construct domino trails as creatively as possible. Given plastic dominoes and trigger mechanisms, each team must adhere to a pre-determined design to create their trail before adding a dash of flair and innovation to spice things up. A single miscalculation can stop a domino in its tracks. Team precision is the key to success here.

Furthermore, during the grand finale, a show of mutual trust and alignment would be exhibited, as the entire ‘chain of events’ must be seamlessly executed without hiccups. The smallest contribution would make the biggest difference. Mission is Possible.

THE RUNNING TEAM – Themed Activity Series

Based on the popular Korean TV series “The Running Man”, this highly energetic team strategy challenge will require teams to complete missions while ‘staying alive’.

Split into smaller units, teams will have to compete against one another as they solve clues, unravel puzzles and overcome challenges in the quickest time possible. With limited ‘life lines’ available in each team, proper and astute strategising is imperative. In the end, it is all about how the teams are able to utilise the given resources and emerge victorious. To compete or collaborate? Which yields the best results? You must decide!

Team CSI – Themed Activity Series

Team CSI is a proven learning and training experience that allows participants to partake in a responsive, realistic “murder investigation” while playing roles as part of a law enforcement team.

Investigators give the prosecutors what they require to achieve a conviction by establishing motives, means and opportunity, through teamwork, communication and collaboration. Complete with victims, suspects, clues and all the rigours of police work, the CSI experience allows the “investigators” to experience their roles in an interactive, non-threatening way by relating an otherwise different discipline to their own workplace, while at the same time gaining clarity and understanding towards a desired result.Teams will experience similar challenges here as they do in the workplace. But let’s witness them overcome these obstacles one at a time. So is your team ready for a brain-cracking experience?

THE SMARTPHONE RACE – Themed Activity Series

Armed with a smartphone, each team will be required to complete a number of tasks as directed by a trail-based mobile app. Using state-of-the-art technology, teams will be relying on their smartphone to locate the different challenge stations and attempt them. Hence, teams will never know what lies ahead of them. Interactivity, spontaneity and creativity are the critical success factors here! Ready? Get set! Go!

Specifically, teams would be required to navigate within and around the resort and return to the home base by the stated end-time. So what is the best strategy to score the most points to be declared the winner? Only you know. Your team must decide!

RAFT N’ ROLL – Themed Activity Series

From learning about effective communication to demonstrating real leadership, this is an activity that challenges the team to meet its objective come hell or high water.

Divided into smaller sub-teams, participants would need to first strategise their gameplay to obtain the optimum amount of resources to build a life raft. Thereafter, the resource-gathering phase begins before a titanic race ensues. It’s sink or swim!

THE ANNAPURNA TEAM ASCENT – Themed Activity Series

The Annapurna Team Ascent presents a simulation of real-life economic and political scenarios that make up the competitive ecology of the corporate world. Participants will need to make split-second decisions while manipulating internal and external elements.

This simulator is designed to put everyone in a leadership mentality. Every player, whether as a Climber or Team Captain, will be making tough decisions that mirror calls made in your organisation – both upwards and downwards.

THE SUPERCAR – Themed Activity Series

Inspired by the speeds, thrills and amazing teamwork of the crews in F1 Racing, The Supercar is a competitive teambuilding activity that gets the entire group involved to design and build model cars to race against one another.

But nothing comes easy in a challenge as exciting as this. To design and build the car, each team works through a series of challenges that helps them win various materials needed to put together a working model of a Supercar!

After the Building Phase comes the high adrenaline Racing Phase, where teams need to race their cars using a remote handling device on a circuit made on the floor. The energy in the air during this phase crackles with the intensity and competition amidst the teams. But do trust us…it isn’t as straightforward as it seems…remember…speed in all its forms is the key to success here.

With teams vying for points on various parameters – including design, team work, timelines and racing position – this is one challenge that gets every single member in a team actively engaged and in a frenzy! Vroom! Vroom!